KE.D.A.S charter.


We vision to optimize Greece capacity to invest more efficiently in the research and development of innovative interventions foreconomic prosperity; social inclusion and cohesion; environmental sustainability; and good governance of major social actors for the attainment of MDGs in developing countries.

Main objectives of KE.D.A.S are:

  • Provision on a regular basis or on emergencies of humanitarian, food and developmental aid to the people of third world countries.
  • Reinforcement of the medical care system as well as the efforts to promote prevention, including traditional medicine.
  • Viable development with emphasis on environmental protection, agricultural development and infrastructure in general.
  • Cooperation with local organizations in order to achieve an economic and social development which will benefit mainly the part of the population which are in need, and especially the young people and women.
  • Education in matters which refer to the developmental cooperation of the European Union and the developing countries through special programs, seminars, conferences, talks, expositions, publications and international events.

Cooperation with international organisations, universities and academic institutions, research and scientific centers, other physical or legal entities with similar mandates with those of KEDAS.





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Respect to diversity
- Αct for equality of opportunity

Σεβασμός στην διαφορετικότητα
- Δράση για ισότητα ευκαιριών.

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