Take part in missions.

"To offer towards the community is a concept that concern us all."

If you want to take part in a mission, then please use the contact details below or fill in the online form.

International Solidarity and Cooperation Center

67 Mikras Asias str.
Postal Code 115 27

Tel.: +30 210 8236 877
Fax: +30 210 7789 901
Email: contact@kedas.gr

Contact with
Ioannis Dais: ioannis.dais@kedas.gr

Conditions that must be met in order to join the missions:

Participants must be at least 22 years of age.

Mandatory participation in relevant seminar ogranised prior to every mission.

Selection Procedure.

Candidates volunteers will be selected after being interviewed. During the interview, the professional capacity, experience, and motives of the candidate in offering his services to KEDAS will be assessed. Furthermore, composed thought, ability to communicate and cultivate interpersonal relationships, team spirit as well as the availability to participate in KE.D.A.S. missions are being considered and highly appreciated in the candidates.

Expenses which will be covered during the mission:

  • Travel expenses to and from the place of the mission.
  • Living expenses at the place of the mission, including living quarters and transportation.


  • The participants will be insured through a private insurance company.
  • Covers the expense of hospital residence.
  • Covers expenses of repatriation by air in case of medical emergency.


In case the volunteer is providing his services to KEDAS during a mission for a duration greater than a month (situated at the place of the mission) is dependent on his role within the mission as well as his professional experience in the relevant field.

The compensation is deposits monthly in a Greek bank account and its purpose is to cover the costs incurred during the volunteers absence from his country.




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- Αct for equality of opportunity

Σεβασμός στην διαφορετικότητα
- Δράση για ισότητα ευκαιριών.

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