Tanzania is a country of East Africa. The dominant language used in Tanzania is Swahili regardless of their specific tribe.

The population of Tanzania is around 41 million (30th in the world), while the average life expectancy is 52 years of age (2009 estimation). Tanzania is one of poorest countries in the world and its economy is based mainly in agriculture and more specifically in the production of coffee, tea, cotton and carnation.

Lately, tourism in Tanzania has started to play a bigger role in the country’s economy and is constantly increasing.

Health center in Bukoba

In 2005 the construction of a hospital in town of Bukoba was started. The hospital, which is now fully operational, was equipped with state of the art medical equipment. The hospital comprises of outpatient ward, laboratories (hematology, biochemical, radiology, supersonic), dental ward, ophthalmology as well as a surgery for small scale surgeries. According to the regulations for personnel and patient health and safety, the hospital is equipped with lightning protection, voltage stabilizer, a power generator as well as water pressure pumps. The hospital has been staffed with local personnel and is able to provide with basic medical care.

The ultimate goal is, in cooperation with local institutions and international organizations, including the contribution from Greek medical doctors, for the hospital in Bukoba to quickly evolve in the most advanced diagnostic center in the prefecture, catering to the urgent need of at least 2 million people.




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